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Getting the air circulation right is important so that your plants get the right balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Our expert staff can customize your cooling requirements to suit your greenhouse needs. Shipping & Taxes not included.

Caframo Chinook Fan
Equalize the greenhouse temperature and distribute air evenly throughout. This quiet two speed fan maintains constant air movement.
Standard Opener

Super Opener for Double Glass

Bayliss Solar Powered Vent Opener
No more guesswork! This opener operates your vent based on temperature. Replacement pistons available. Please call for prices.

Double Side Vent
The double side vent provides added ventilation to any greenhouse.
Glass Louvres
Maximum Ventilation

A 24" x 24" side vent provides added ventilation to any greenhouse.
Roof Vent

Side Vent or Intake Shutter Screen
Vent Screens
Specially designed to work with our vents and automatic openers.
6' Wide

12' Wide
Shade Cloth
Cool the interior of your greenhouse with a 70% horticulture shade cloth.
10" Package

14" Package

18" Package
Fan Exhaust Ventilation Package

Exhaust fan size is dependent on the size of the greenhouse. The package includes fan, motorized intake shutters and thermostat. The complete fan exhaust ventilation package includes a fan, one or two motorized intake shutters (depending on the fan size) and one greenhouse cooling thermostat.

Up to 120 sq.ft. 10" Package: 1 INTAKE (690 CFM)
121 - 200 sq. ft. 14" Package: 2 INTAKES (2170 CFM)
201 - 300 sq. ft. 18" Package: 2 INTAKES (3200 CFM)
All weather heating/cooling thermostat, used with exhaust fans & motorized intake shutters, operates electrically on a 120-volt circuit outlet.