Cross-Country™ Greenhouses

Cross-Country™ Greenhouses, manufactured since 1951, are constructed to the highest engineering standards with the gardener in mind. Lexis Greenhouses and Supplies are pleased to carry all 6 Cross-Country™ product lines and the wide selection of greenhouses will suit all level of gardener.

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Pacific Series

Elegant and stylish, the curved Pacific Greenhouse model is one of the most popular choices with all levels of hobby gardeners.

Traditional Series

Our classic straight eave greenhouse kits provide maximum natural light for year-round hobby gardening.

Cottage Series

We are proud to introduce our new straight eave Cottage series greenhouse. An elegant Victorian look with a steeper slope...

Pacific Attached Series

Enjoy the easy access and extended gardening season with the curved eave, home-attached Pacific greenhouse. Often...

Traditional Attached Series

Extend the gardening season in a conveniently located home-attached Traditional greenhouse, easily adaptable...

Cape Cod Series

The unique style of a straight Cape Cod style backyard greenhouse adds character to any landscape setting.

Here are some distinct features that the Cross-Country™ greenhouse gardener will enjoy:

  • Our heavy duty aluminum frames with interior trusses and bracing are able to withstand heavy snow loads and wind gusts up to 85 miles per hour! They are rated the strongest greenhouse on the market today
  • All greenhouses are designed to maximize space, light and style. Eye hooks, shelving, and staging accessories. Anything is possible with a Cross-Country™ greenhouse!
  • All greenhouses are offered with free large individual roof vents and automatic vent openers to allow for worry free gardening.
  • Doors are pre-hung, heavy duty storm doors with no sliding track that will jam and collect dirt. We have received many requests for a locking latch and adjustable tempered glass window for additional venting and decided to include that too!
  • The standard height of our side walls is 5’6” giving ample room inside for tall plants and hanging baskets
  • The aluminum frame does not rust which results in a maintenance free greenhouse!

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