Pacific Series

Our greenhouses are modular and can be made for any size specification.

Elegant and stylish, the curved Pacific Greenhouse model is one of the most popular choices with all levels of hobby gardeners.

  • Kits come with clearly labelled parts and easy to follow DVD + written instructions for trouble free installation
  • Architecturally pleasing, curved eave design, classic conservatory look
  • Enhances any setting
  • High quality structural design
  • Heavy duty aluminum frames
  • Choice of white, green or brown baked enamel finish
  • Designed to accommodate accessories like shelving and eye hooks to maximize space and light
  • Includes a pre-hung, heavy-duty storm door complete with locking latch, and adjustable tempered glass window and screen
  • Option to remove one wall and attach to your home or other building providing similar benefits of home-attached greenhouse models (easy access to services and home, improved energy efficiency and maximizes available yard space)